by:栋家baconDon't use the past easily to measure the happiness and misfortune of life! Everyone's life can bloom beautiful, as long as you cherish.


65. Less pre-determined expectations make it easier to care for people.

I often ask myself who hasn't doubled his gratitude to me....

Publié 2021-01-20

76. Don't play games. This is n' t Korea. You can't play houses, cars and capital. Can have hobbies, but to grasp the scale, less play farms, pastures, fighting landlords and other highly attractive promotion games, perhaps your level is very high, but does not mean how successful you are, but will affect and occupy your success time.

80. Every successful person has a start. The courage to start, can find the way to success....

Publié 2021-01-20

90. The new road is often narrow at first, but it is a prelude to its own extension.

88. If talent is compared to sword, diligence is the grindstone....

Publié 2021-01-20

17. Don't care too much about your looks, because ability does n' t write on your face.

75. Persistence does not necessarily succeed, but not persistence does not. Being beautiful is the advantage, living beautiful is the ability, when a person has enough connotation and material backing, life will become full of courage....

Publié 2021-01-02

3. smooth sailing is not equal to driving a flat route.

When there is no money, eat wild vegetables at home; when there is money, eat wild vegetables at the hotel...

Publié 2020-12-24

37. It was always said that it was late. Actually, this is the best time!

72. As long as the spirit does not slide, the solution is more difficult than it is...

Publié 2020-12-20





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